Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Summer of Basics Make-Along

I LOVE all the Grainline Studio patterns that I have made!!  From their Morris Blazer to their Linden sweatshirt  to my adored Alder shirt dresses!!!  I even have plans for two Archers!!!
To finish my gushing, their blog (now on a super cool and easily navigable platform) is a great place to find inspiration and fab tutorials.  In my regular blog review I found out about this:  The Summer of Basics Make-Along  Here's a link to the originator:  Fringe Association's Summer of Basics Make-Along contest info

There are some cool prizes.  But, I am entering for fun and because recently I have been thinking about my sewing in a similar way.  I've sewed fairly steadily for the past 2 years.  I sewed a bit when my kiddos were small...little dresses for Roo and elastic waist play shorts for Fred-o and a few skirts and dresses for myself to play in along with them.  It was fun and served the purpose.  But, honestly those were not terribly well crafted garments!  Neither were some of my first efforts over the past couple of years!!!  Initially, I simply needed to improve my skills! Gradually, I think I have done that. However, for a good while I continued to limit myself to patterns that seemed "simple" rather than things I really wanted to wear.  Additionally, I limited myself to fabrics that were available locally (ie from Jo-Ann's or Hancocks') and even there I purchased "cheap" fabric because I didn't want to ruin "good" cuts with my limited abilities.  Those choices taught me a lot through practice and the unfortunate lesson that occurs when you use the wrong fabric for a particular pattern.  It's all good.  I have learned a great deal, though I certainly have many more lessons to go!  But, I do feel confident enough to now select fabrics and patterns from further afield and have been working hard to find things that really suit my life and wardrobe.  I love the florals that Ruthie makes and wears so well.  I love the drama and artistry that sewists like Marcy Harriell of Oonaballoona embrace.  But, are they really me?  So, with Brent's help and encouragement I've branched out in fabric and pattern choices. I've learned much from other sewists, through the tutorials they share so generously as well as access to materials and designers when examples of their work are posted.  As such, I hope to continue to improve my skills and build a wardrobe built on styles, designs, and fabrics that are me!!

With that long preamble, I've decided to enter the portion of the contest in which you make 3 sewn garments that play well in my life and together.  After much chaotic debate in my mind and aloud that poor Rosie and B were forced to listen to, here are my plans:

B6178 in View D.  Cropped wide legged pants in a substantial non-stretch khaki. 

This cute little sleeveless top by Lisettte, B6464, from some of my precious Liberty of London fabric I bought in Paris.  Oddly enough it is cheaper there than in New York!!!

And finally, this three quarter sleeve blouse, B6378, hopefully with no tie (We'll have to see how that goes!!!) also in a Liberty print.
I am quite excited about my various plans!!  (I have a baby blanket as well as a special surprise in process as well!!!) But, I better get to work on those pants!  Sew chaotically! - les

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  1. You have definitely upped your game and have a beautiful classic style that totally suits you!