Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - A t-shirt "quilt" with Roo!!

It has been a busy week, working 2 extra shifts, along with various other chaotic business!  Still, I was able to fit in this little project with Roo!  Her life continues to include lots of running and other exercise, but as a grown up working woman, she had little use for all the t-shirts she wore as a teen, many of which she won in races or wore on various track teams. But, they still meant something and she believes in the power of recycling ~ so.....

We made this!  It's a little wonky.  We cut squares of the back and front of the t's that were consistent in size and covered most of the fun front message, using the fronts for the front and backs for the back!  And since Friday, her goofy black cat, likes to attack any free ribbons or threads, we used little appliques of various shapes and snippets of printed messages from the sleeves and such to tack the back and front together, having already sewn the edges, with right sides together, then pulling right side out through a space we left and slip stitched.

We did have to piece some of the back squares to have equivalent coverage.  Roo has already dyed the neck bands and other left over strips purple and is in the process of braiding them together to use in a throw rug.

We had fun!  Thanks for playing, Rosie Roo!!!
Sew chaotically!!! - les