Friday, July 7, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - York by Colette via Seamwork

Colette makes some super cute patterns!  Though I don't think their "block" is exactly my body type (having shoulders a bit too broad and boobage a bit too small)...and ran into some fitting issues with their Aster, I continue to adore ALL, and I mean ALL my Sorbettos!! Then, when I signed up for Seamwork online, I was offered a free PDF pattern of their York blouse - a pattern I had already been eyeing!!!  My sleuthing had revealed that it was either much adored or much maligned by on-line sewists.  But I kept thinking, "What's not to like????"

Having just a bit of my lovely linen left over from my Demi Pants and a free pattern....I thought it would be a winning combo!!  After checking out the pattern pieces...I decided to make a straight 6, with no adjustments, as the shoulders appeared to be plenty broad and the bust dart okay.

I couldn't resist accenting the blue thread in the linen with some top stitching!  Again!!

I love this cuff!

Though the pattern includes an extension of the bias tape facing to the neck as a tie closure, I couldn't resist using this lone blue button, that has resided for years in my button collection, with an embroidered loop. 

I made my own bias tape for the neckline, with plenty left over for other projects, and just turned up the hem about an inch shorter than indicated.  For sewists who have pondered/criticized the pattern's line drawing for looking more like a boat neck while pics of York look more like a scoop....the reality is just a bit between.  It is not such a boat neck that bra straps are exposed, but left as drafted it falls about even across the collar bone.  Given the characteristics of my fabric, I did scoop out an inch at the center front rounded out over the front neckline.  The pattern went together very nicely with the arms and cuff working out particularly well.  I considered taking in the sides for a bit trimmer fit, but left them as they were since the linen held a pretty shape. 

A fun, easy sewing project!!  I really like my pretty, York!  Thanks Colette!!  Sew chaotically! - les

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  1. I love it! Fabulous top stitching and that blue thread and button were perfect.