Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - The Demi Pant from Tessuti

Remember when I said I had another pair of Funky Pants in my future??? They're here!

I saw the pants above in a Sundance catalog and thought..."Those would be fun and easy for summer!"  Then, I saw the Tessuti pattern and there they were, but with an even better funky vibe!!! Then, I saw these little shorts with an embroidered edge in a shop in Atlanta with Ruthie! The wheels started turning...but I'll get to that in a minute!

Though I admit it took a minute to get my non-spatial brain around some of the pattern details....once it clicked, they were amazing and perfect!!! The pocket is simply one piece applied to the front leg after you make a little placket on the side seam.  Genius!!! I finished all seams with my serger.  No. Ugly. Insides!!!

The bottom of the legs are cut just so....MAGICALLY making the cutest little pleat ever!

Here's how my second brain wave came to fruition!!!   I LOVE Bernie!!!

See the neat little pocket up top?  This linen from Gail K Fabrics in Atlanta is really pretty with a faint blue thread woven through! (Yes, Bentie found it!)  It holds up well in the wash and dryer!  Wrinkles are inherent, but the drape is perfect for these pants!

How cute is that????

The elastic insertion and treatment for the waist made me nervous....because I had never done it this way...but it was awesome!  The pattern instructions have you stitch the elastic within the tunnel as you make it.  THEN you stitch through the center of the tunnel, OVER and through the elastic to keep it in place and the waistband smooth!!  It worked perfectly!!!  Certainly a technique I will employ again. Initially, I was a little worried that these pants would be too voluminous around the bootie and tummy!!  They're not!  

Don't you love that shape?  Yes, my family has already dubbed me Princess Jasmine when I wear them...but I don't care!  I like being an exotic princess!!!  Sew Chaotically!!! - les

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