Sunday, May 22, 2011

PPP = Pinky Pink Power Women...or...

...Perky Peptide Patient with her Perky Peptide Posse!! the story behind the Tee's:

Last time Ruthie and I were down to Tampa for my treatment, a nurse other than "mine" came in to deal with my IV pump that was beeping and while she was working on it "my" nurse came in as well. The first commented to the other, "She is always so perky and smiling." My nurse said, "Yes...and she's a PEPTIDE patient!" They left the room and Ruthie looked at me..."You're a perky peptide patient!" I said, "Well, you're the Perky Peptide Patient's Posse!" And so the Perky Peptide tee shirts were born!! During her break between semesters Rosie made us cool Tee's, with an added bonus. On the back of mine is: TROUBLE. But on Ruthie's it says: DOUBLE. She made Brent and Fred shirts as well. Fred-0 just has PPP on a sleeve. Bent's has PPP on a front pocket, but "I'm with Trouble!" on the back! We had fun with them. Funny thing....nobody thought they were inappropriate!!! Rosie had hers on to celebrate the next to last peptide (vaccine) treatment with us when we stopped by her dorm in Atlanta to take her to supper after my treatment. LOVE MY GIRLS!!!! (Brent and Fred were wearing theirs too, when we got back home later that night!!! Such cool boys!!)

May your posse be pink and powerful like mine! c