Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's been a(n) ______________ year!

A(n): amazing year? hellacious? horrendous? incredible? beautiful? awful? wonderful?

Not sure how to categorize it really...can hardly believe it's been just over a year since Rosie helped me create this blog and exactly one year ago today that I woke up in the hospital with tubes everywhere! What is one to think about a year filled with brain zappage, lung removal, dear friends, high school proms and graduation, babies who are basically seniors and sophomores in college, and tonsil surgery, experimental drugs, San Francisco, the love of my life, the best fun with Ruthie, a wide variety of pain, getting to be here at all given the odds, and a beautiful spring with others in pain from storms and loss?

It is still a beautiful thing. Love to you all - c


  1. So much craziness in one short year! We just have to make the most of every moment we get… and I think you do that so well! I love you!