Sunday, May 15, 2011

Munchkins home again.....

It has been a crazy, wonderful week. Got to be with Roo! Then went to K'ville to help Fred bring his stuff home for a bit, on Wed. Rosie got to see some of her friends graduate with honors!!! Go Justin and Dania!! Had fun with the kids...even special birthday cake ("SPECIAL" because it wouldn't come out of the pan!!!!...but it did taste good!) on Friday with a mutual b'day for my now 19 and 21 year old babies!!! (Though Fred won't technically have his birthday 'til June 11...we went for it while we were all together!) Had to deal with car repairs, a dead Rosie computer, and take doggies to the vet...but I had good helpers for all of it and all machines and pooches are running fine again. Brent and Fred did a marathon fix on a new computer for Rose. was packing Rosie back up. Fred was a trooper and did most of the hauling. We all went down to Atlanta today to get Rosie ensconced in her new place. She is so excited to have a bedroom of her own, share a bathroom with only one other person, and have a kitchen and living area she shares with four girls. We got it all purple and stylin'!! Fred got the computer going and Brent saved the day, running to Target for towels that had been forgotten and a step stool for the tall kitchen cabinets. We are missing our Rosie already, but will get to have some time with Fred for a couple more weeks!!

Was pretty tired through Wednesday...though with Rosie's enthusiasm and cheers managed to jog about 2 miles each day. Have also been working out on a new elliptical. Our 'beastly' one finally died the last time Rose was home. The pedal just sheared off while she was using it! The new one is TOUGH! Still trying to find out what "BEAST MODE" is on it...but my new number is making it to 115 in 15 minutes. We'll see how I do...

"But time makes you bolder and children get older and I'm getting older...too. So take this love and take it down. If you climb a mountain and you turn around...and if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills well, the landslide brought it down....well maybe.....well maybe..."

May your landslides be soft and gentle....c


  1. You can go BEAST MODE! but I miss you too already! I am off to the first classes soon!

  2. Go Go GO Rosie! Summer sessions = beast mode!!!!! Love you!!!