Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun visit!

Momma and Daddy were able to come up for the day today. It was great to visit with them and that they got to spend some time with Fred as well. They used to come up early when he was small so that they could be the ones to get him out of his crib first thing in the morning, with his curls all crazy...Skipper always called him his "mountain man"!!! Momma brought lunch of pasta salad, pickled beets, green beans, and cucumbers all fresh from the garden! Delicious!!!

Rosie has been working hard getting back into the swing of a very compressed summer schedule. I was able to turn in another 12inches from her last hair cut to Locks of Love yesterday. Her second time to donate!!! How cool is that?!!! We are moving Freddie back to K'ville for the start of his summer studies tomorrow. We've been so busy with everything else that Brent and I were surprised to find that we are both off on Monday!! So that will be a nice day to settle down for us.

We will be off to Tampa, yet again, on Thursday. Legs have been very lumpy and just found a rather large lymph node on the leg opposite the last injections! Rash has been pretty itchy along with a fair amount of joint aches this time. On the up side, the mouth stuff has faded to a low roar so I am glad about that. We finally got the last leukophoresis scheduled for the 1oth of June, with scans in Chattanooga on the 6th. Hopefully, we will get a bit of a break after that!!!! Having, in theory, only to go to Tampa every 3 months for the anti-PD1 infusions. Who would have thought I would find that schedule, so appealing?!!!!!

Perspective is everything! - c

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