Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend

Momma and Daddy were up visiting until Sat, when my sisters flew into Atlanta, Ruthie from Virginia and Kik from Houston, and drove up. It was really good to see everyone. They are all back home, safe and sound now.

I am taking Rosie for her physical today so that we can get her medical forms sent in to Ga Tech. She was a great hostess all week and finished all her calculus work and last exam. She's finishing her last paper for English and then just has to study for her two remaining finals.!! And, yes, she is going to be in the National Honor Society with the proper cords at graduation.!!

Fred-o is finishing up his classes and is planning to come in this weekend before finals week.

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 0800 for my radiation treatment. Brent will contact everyone after the halo is installed and the first scan is done and we are in our "waiting room". Not sure how long that will take, but.... I won't be having the radiation until around 5-6pm, after which they will remove the halo and I'll go home.

Brent is staying home with me Wed and Thur, because of the risk of seizures he felt he was the man for that job. He is taking off, of course, during my hospital stay and once I am stable at home he will probably go back to work with Ruth, Kik, Momma and Daddy doing a kind-of tag team system to help us out. Momma and Daddy will be in town while I'm in hospital and I think Ruthie's next, then Kik. Of course the kids will be finishing up school and will be around as well.

EVERYBODY has been so great. I really appreciate each and every one of you for caring, for being here, for making me laugh, and for supporting my family. You have no idea how much that means at a time like this.

Love to all. C

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  1. Thinking about you my friend. Not worried about tomorrow, i think the hardest part of it is all the waiting. good news from your pulmonologist. If anyone knows where it is then he is that man!! good luck tomorrow, will be waiting to hear from ya