Friday, April 23, 2010

It's a go

Brent spoke to the neuro surgeon this am. The neuro surg had already spoken to the lung surg. They both are fine with the Friday schedule for the lung resection following the Tuesday brain radiation. So.....I will have my pre-testing stuff done on Tues while I am in hosp for the radiation. I asked Brent if I was going to have to trot my happy haloed self down to pre-testing and he said that they would be coming to me.....well, stranger things have happened. :>)

Just got back from a final (before surg) meeting with my oncologist. Plus, I spoke on the phone with the surg who did all my other surgeries, whom I really like and respect but doesn't do brains or lungs. The only question, that no one can really answer, is: If you get in there to take the lobe, and have to keep taking and taking bits from the bronch in order to get cancer free margins, to the point that I end up with a pneumonectomy, does that mean I have so much disease present that I probably shouldn't have bothered with the surg in the first place? Both tried to field the question, as had the thoracic surgeon, but the bottom line is: they don't know. Melanoma is weird. I could remove this and be cancer free for years or weeks. Nobody can say for sure. But, all three of them said they would go for it. If I don't, I have no chance at all.

So........there you have it. Both procedures will be at Erlanger. I am so appreciative to all the docs on my team for working so hard to talk to each other and coordinate all this. I know that doesn't happen easily or at all in some cases and I know that I have one very special doc to thank for much of that!!

Momma and Daddy are coming back up to the house in a few minutes and set me up with a South Alabama fish fry...fresh caught cat fish, coleslaw, hush puppies....make you want to slap yo Momma. (See Tammy B., one more meal you would just love to share!!!!)

Love to all. C


  1. I'm so glad that everything is decided and scheduled. We are going to be praying really hard both days and sending positive thoughts your way and to your family. We love you and miss you! Patients miss you too.

  2. I am so glad the plan is set. You are always in my thoughts and prayers friend! I am ready for us to beable to talk about recovery instead of surgery. Hate that i missed the big fish fry, can you just call me on pizza day?? lol....

  3. You are in my prayers Celeste. Kim made this bracelet with your initial 'cm' on it. It is cute and I wear it with my watch. It reminds me to keep you in my prayer everyday!! ( I usually pray about keeping holy spirit in me so I can survive I add "please keep Celeste strong and healthy because she has so much to give to this world!!!" ) Remember you are fully supported and loved.

  4. Yeah, Tam Bo sent me a comment!!!! Thanks for all the warm thoughts and prayers. A little bird had told me about Kim's braclets!!! Kim, that was so are ALL of you who have been wearing them!!! Love to you all.