Monday, April 19, 2010


A few months ago, as a writing "lesson" with Rosie, we both wrote an "essay" in response to: Tell me what you like. The following was mine.

I like moss and flowers and dogs.

I like laughing so hard my stomach hurts and tears roll down and everyone around you starts laughing too, even if they don’t know why.

I like beauty – but perhaps even more, an appreciation of beauty – like the guy with the orange vest and the weed whacker on the side of the road, purposefully leaving the daisies unscathed.

I like skies so blue that there is a stark contrast with the leaves of the trees, whether green or autumnal, that gives them an incredible brightness and definition not seen on other days.

I like lemons with their vivid yellow tang and fragrance.

I like the giggles of children.

I like warm smiles that mean, ‘I know you’.

I like soft beds with fragrant linen.

I like shoes.

I like travel – even airports – even now, with longs lines and ridiculous check points – because it means the start of new sights and sounds and adventures.

I like dinners with family and friends.

I like cooking. It is an artistic outlet with love and utilitarianism combined.

I like people who use blinkers – especially if they employ them before the turn.

I like picking fruit.

I like red cars.

I like music that makes me think, forget, and remember.

I like a phrase written with economy, beauty, and completeness.

I like the silhouette of the trees along the ridge, as I drive to work, in full leaf and in their stark naked winter sticks.

I like working hard and being happily tired.

I like ………life. -c


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