Monday, April 19, 2010

Chaotically Precise

I suppose the title deserves some explanation. A few weeks ago Rosie was talking about how Steinbeck described his characters in "East Of Eden" and decided to play with words to describe me. She settled on "Chaotically Precise". She has spent almost 18 years watching me whirl about, cooking 2 meals at once, rarely measuring anything, dashing off to do something else, jumping from one project to another, but in the end it all gets done...precisely as planned. Well, I don't know about all that, though the chaos and the whirling part is probably apt. And are welcome to take my whirling and chaotic journey with me. - c


  1. I have to say, its more like four or five meals at once being cooked...
    And by switching up projects she means weeding into organizing the entire garage and the like.

    Love my Crazy Lady.

  2. I'd know that whirl any where.

    Do you remember that time mama was putting a cake in the refrigerator? She sat it on the counter and then was adjusting things in the frig so it'd fit. She turned to get the cake and it was gone.

    Lessy not realizing what mama was doing in the frid grabbed the cake while mama was turning back, went around mama and put it away before mama could turn back. Mama was just standing there wondering where the cake had gone.


  3. Okay, so I wasn't there when this happened -- but the story makes it vivid in my mind, and never fails to make me laugh!

    Cess had the babies eating (breakfast I think it was). She somehow discovered mice in her garbage can and commenced running around in hysterical circles for a bit of time. When she finally came out of the mouse induced panic, the kids were still calmly eating.

    Translation: This "whirling" was nothing out of the ordinary. :) Ruth

  4. Y'all need to stop!!! You know that I approach all things: mice, melanoma, kitchen clean-up, etc., with calm measured steps!!! :>)