Monday, April 19, 2010

My Peeps

What a lucky girl I am! Friday afternoon, I ask for lunch, and Monday at noon...there it is and more. Chicken in every form and salad and fruit and Red Velvet Cake (with NO NUTS!!! Debra, you are the bomb!) and pies and cookies and brownies and cookie cake (from Tammy B, the number one pastry chef in the office) and a beautiful and delicious ribbon cake (one for lunch and one for the road!!!! You are so sweet, Anita, and eggs too!!....a woman of many talents!!!) and delicious flan straight from Puerto Rico and a beautiful, delicious fruit bouquet to bring home (you girls know me too well!!!) and even more that I am forgetting. There were wonderful ribbons with a "C" of bling on everyone!!! (Jenn H you are so creative and kind!!!) But most of all, it was a room filled with love and warm wishes for me, Rosie Roo and the rest of my family. It was as tangible as the air I breathe. It was good to see each of you and smile. I am grateful.

With love, c


  1. It was our pleasure to be there with you today. Rosie is great! I pray Claudia grows up to be like her: smart, happy and loving. I know how she is has a lot to do with how you raised her, so I also pray for God to guive me the wisdom to do it. We love you!

  2. Thanks, Dr. Hernandez. Tell your mom thanks for the flan, it was delicious and made Rosie's day. We just enjoyed a wonderful dinner of cheese and fruit, thanks to your sweet basket. C