Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phone tag

Well after everybody calling each other back and forth, Brent finally spoke to most of the players after they had all spoken with each other, yesterday.

The oncologist: Brent spoke with her yesterday. She had spoken with Sousman (?sp); the Vandy melanoma guy. He agreed with all that we were planning to do and thought it was the best plan. The only adjunctive therapy he could offer at this time was interferon and he did NOT recommend it. She had spoken to the brain guys and they were all on the same page as well. Brent has questions for her...some she is going to have to research (though my money is on Brent getting there first...not that I don't hold her in the highest's just he's a little more, hmmmm.....intensely focused, shall we say?!!) One is Curcumin (sp?), the concentration of the spice turmeric. (It's the stuff that make curry and yellow mustard yellow.....look on the bottle, you'll see! Food I know, other stuff, not so much!) Anyhow, there has been some evidence in scattered studies that it helps diminish tumor growth. Brent actually gave it to poor Ruff Ruff when he has his tumor. At least the Curcumin comes in a pill. Poor Ruff just had the turmeric in his food!! Anyhow, if you see me and I appear slightly yellow, smelling of curry, you'll know why! :>) He is also having her check out another drug, Timeron (sp?) that the neuro radiologist mentioned that he has had some positive results with. We are seeing her on Friday just as a close the loop, question and answer session.

Brain stuff: Brent spoke with the Neuro surg who had spoken with the neuro radiologist and with the other radiologist that he wanted to have look at my films. That radiologist was 90% certain that the brain blip is a met. So between speaking with both of them, the surg is also completely on board with treating the brain met with radiation as soon as possible....with the lung stuff being the only limiting factor. He answered a specific question I had, which was: How soon after the brain thing can I proceed with the lung thing? Answer: 3 days. I was sort of hoping, A: to get it all over with as soon as possible, and B: mask my misery after the brain thing with anesthesia from the lung thing!! However, the risk of seizures after the radiation is highest in the first 2 post radiation days. Not that they think I am high risk for fact, they think my risk is very small because of the location of the lesion and because of its small size. But, the risk is there. I'm still on the schedule for Tues.

Lung stuff: Did my eliptical yesterday...with a very good time, if I say so myself. Feels weird to exercise just now.....but, I figure I'd better keep things as shaped up as possible. Will see the thoracic surgeon this afternoon and see what he has to say and what his schedule it.

Momma and Daddy came in yeterday afternoon. It was great to get to see them. We'll be hanging out today. I just hate to have to upset everybody with all this mess. Brent is doing such an incredible job of juggling all the docs and all the info and passing it on to everyone, even though it hurts them to hear and hurts Brent to tell. I appreciate him (and I know Momma and Daddy do too!) so much.....

Rosie is taking her last Calculus test before the final. Wish her my little genius needs it. Fred is staying in touch from K'ville.

Will let you know what the surg says later.

Love to all. - c

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  1. I'm glad mama and daddy are there with you.
    I love you!