Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain Squeezers!!!

Ok, Marty. I absolutely demand that the AAP take up the fight against the use of brain squeezers (the so-called decorative head bands parents place on, frequently bald, female babies). Such unjust exposure to that level of compression is inappropriate at any time and could certainly cause incredible flashbacks should they ever have to undergo the application of a halo.

Yea, well....I'm in my room, post halo application and first CT scan. It's pretty much yuck. Having the halo applied was less than fun. But, that is done now.

Brent wants me drugged, but they don't want me to put pressure on the halo, so laying down isn't really an option, and if I take drugs, I WILL be laying down. Still set for radiation this evening around 5-6. Got pretesting lab done via the IV they started here, so that was nice. Brent took all their questions for me so, we are good to go on Friday as well.

One ray of light, Brent spoke with the radiologist group who evaluated the PET and MRI in the first place, just to get their take on the tumor's distance from the right main stem. He was very encouraging, stating that per his reading of the scan there is at least 4-6 cm between. That would be really great if that is the case. Of course, we won't know for sure until the surgeon gets in there himself.

Broth sucks. Jello cubes are weird. Ice chips and lemonade are ok. IV going at 100ml per hour = many trips to the bathroom.

Love you all. C


  1. Jello is not food.

    And peeing so often could be a 'spa cleanser."

    Love you!

  2. I love my Rosie, Roo. You should see me. I look a sight!! Daddy has pictures on his phone should you ever wish to share the experience. Forwarded you the Booker/Chuy evil people letter. Those people really need to quit pissing me off!!! Study, study, study. Love you. su Madre

  3. HEY LESSY!!!!
    Now see, with your halo you really ARE my angel sweetie pie!
    I wish I could sit with you.

    I love you--Kik

  4. Maybe if you ask nicely they could puree some of those fish sausages that you love so much..lol..mmm mmm good

  5. Hey Angel Girl! I'm so disappointed you haven't been able to take the medications Brent was planning on. I hope it hasn't been too bad. I guess you needed your wits about you though to write those scathing emails! Hopefully, you are almost done now. I love you!