Friday, October 19, 2018

Sew Chaotically!!! - Very Easy Vogue 9236 for Roo!!!

Ruthie made up a beautiful version of this dress for herself and recommended it as a pattern that might work well for Roo! I snapped it up and worked on it SLOWLY, given the drama I've been participating in since the end of August!!! 

I cut a straight 12. The pattern went together easily with "darts and tucks" completed a little differently than I had done before.  Cutting it out was the biggest challenge as the material was narrow, and while probably not noticeable to most, has a linear pattern to the seemingly "random" print!  I had to take in the sides of the bodice a fair amount to perfect the fit (probably could have made the 10) and scoop out the neckline and the forward aspect of the armholes just a bit, so Roo wouldn't be "choked"!!!  All are finished with bias binding with a zip in the back.

Anyway, when she and the Jamester were here earlier in the week to babysit me while B attended a speaking engagement, I was able to give it to her!!!

Purple perfection!!!  Love my girl!  Sew chaotically!! ~ les


  1. Great job! My daughter, Jessica, sews and makes clothes for herself and both her kids (girl & boy). This looks like somethings she'd make. Glad you're doing sew well!

  2. Thanks! (I saw what you did there!! Ha Ha!)