Monday, October 22, 2018

Punkins!! (and pathology)

If you've watched this space for very long, you know Bentie and punkins are a thing!!!  He has carved them with the kids EVERY year.  Fred-o has missed a couple due to work and geography and sadly that was true this year.  But, the other kiddos had a blast!!!
Planning the FACE!!!

A process that has become a well oiled machine.

Silly Bentie!!!

I think they all look super cute this year!!!  (Punkins, too!!!)
Yesterday was not as nausea free as I had hoped it would be, but we managed it with marinol and immodium.  Did get to enjoy a great afternoon of punkins and grilling burgers with Roo and Jamie. 

Have been meaning to share that our dear Ox is the best pathologist in the world!!!  When we finally did hear back from the super duper pathologist at Vandy, the stage and grade of my cancer were determined to be exactly as Ox had said they were.  No better.  No worse.  Overall that is good, considering we certainly didn't think Ox was mistaken.  Now there is nothing more to do other than proceed as planned.  Had weekly labs drawn today and my white cells and hemoglobin held steady so that is good news as well.

Enjoy YOUR punkins!!!  Live chaotically! - les


  1. I'm sorry the nausea has continued. That sucks!

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all and the nausea was managed. And glad you got a good report from your dr. Whew! Fall (and pumpkins) are in the air and it smells like you'll have a good season and Halloween. Blessings, Les!

  3. Keeping unfortunate side effects managed with the marinol and immodium has been a blessing and allowed me to have simple pleasures indeed! Thanks, guys.