Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Porky and the Puffalump!!!

This week is brought to you by the letter 'P' and alliteration!!!  Yesterday we had Punkins!! (and pathology).  Yep, there's a story here ~

I am so blessed to have the most amazing dear ones!  Scattered in so many places, whose lives have intermingled with mine in all sorts of ways.  Dear ones who have interrupted their busy lives in order to share their support, help me think through my options, and bring me laughs DAILY since the crazy that descended 55 days ago!!!! Today was no different with sweet texts, emails, face book messages, blog comments, and lovely cards via snail mail!!!  After being up from 0230 to 0430 this morning with stomach cramps and diarrhea, shared smiles and laughter is a lovely gift indeed!

One special dear one - another B in my life, no less!!! - when sharing some of her husband's experiences today, revealed that she had taken to calling him "Porky" despite his slender build!  Interestingly, since being home from the hospital, B has taken to calling me his little "Puffalump"! My friend B found that quite funny and developed the title for today!  Small things?  Yes.  But good cheer often comes in simple, mutual moments that are meaningful to the peeps involved. 

Despite the stomach issues in the early am and some nausea during the day, my energy seemed better today.  I scored 0.9 miles in my 10 minute elliptical workout, did my 50 crunches and 20 push-ups without too much trouble.  Maybe I should up my efforts. I'll have to speak with my coach about that!

I've been able to work on a few sewing projects over the past few days.  I finished a little top for Rosie that I'll share soon.  I also tackled this baby blanket!!!  Ruffled flannel????  What was I thinking????   I almost got her done, though.  Hopefully, tomorrow.

Fun fact shared in the effort to keep things real:  Taking poison with your own hand is very weird and off putting.  I never took the oral BRAF inhibitors, drugs with the potential for significant side effects, for my melanoma.  So this is my first experience in this vein.  I know of no others who have mentioned such a feeling.  Perhaps because I am taking drugs that make me feel bad and simultaneously have no real data supporting their ability to do me any good colors my perspective.  Who knows? 

B makes sure I eat something substantial morning and evening.  Then I take my 3 capecitabine tablets as directed.  Thus far, stomach upset is the only side effect I am experiencing from this part of my treatment, which is pretty lucky.  Still, it is a weird thing to choose to pick these up and put them in your mouth!!!  Maybe that's just me??
No matter.  With dear ones willing to share their smiles and stay connected while I hole up with my poisons.....

....there is beauty still.
Porky and Puffalump are very lucky to have their "B's"!!!!! - les


  1. When I did Melanoma Prayer Center for a while, I came to realize that when I see a few saying pretty much the same thing, no matter what the particular "thing" is, that that's just the tip of the iceberg and hundreds more are going through the same thing. But they aren't verbalizing it and think they're the only ones going through it so they feel isolated and alone in that battle. It's good that you put it out there and tell it like it is. People need that!You're helping more people than you'll ever know because most aren't going to come out of the closet and tell you "thank you"...they don't want other people to see their own struggles. Keep telling it like it is, even when it's not pretty. And it's not pretty. Our side effects we live with aren't beautiful paintings BUT they and God and B and Mitch and others like them are not only keeping us alive but they're making it so we can, each, live to the very most optimal best we can at any given time. And as you know, we often have to take it minute by minute as day by day is, sometimes, to much to hope for. And yet we do...hope. Your blog is a ministry. You're not just telling about what you're dealing with...no...you're also showing people...with pictures no less...what is possible when living with the impossible. I stand and salute you Les. <3

  2. Thanks, Carol. You understand me so well. I figure if you and I (and ever so many others) have to go through this crappy crap - then we may as well use it for the good we can. And yes!!! Feeling alone in your weirdness can be such a burden. If I can shed a little light or hope
    - that is a win for me as well as for those who might then feel just a bit better. Thanks for shining YOUR light for me!!!

  3. In my defense, I call him Porky because of the porcupine look he’s going for during acupuncture. Ha!

    The medical center offers it, insurance covers it, and the NIH lists his gut side effects as possibly being helped by it, so why not stick pins in it?

    Hang in there, and SO impressed by the exercise in spite of all the stuff.

    Another B