Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sew Chaotically! ~ Pretty Pink! (Roo in M7349, fit and flare t-shirt dress.) And, exercise for peripheral neuropathy!!!

Continuing our week of posts brought to you by the letter "P"....
I got these two, rather different, knits a bit ago when Mood was having a sale on such things.  As for the pattern, Rosie loves a simple fit and flare dress and this one is perfect.  I cut the 12, made no adjustments, and I'd say it is PERFECT!!!  I haven't had the strength of mind and body to cut out the print yet.  Hopefully, I will soon!!!  I think it will be lovely and quite dramatic on her!  We are going to go for it, planning on the maxi length.  I think I have enough fabric to do it!

Perfectly Pretty in Pink!!!
In other news, I slept [almost] through the night last night! Something I haven't managed to accomplish since AUGUST!!!  Not rising until 0730, rather than the 5 or 6 I've been dealing with!!!  Keeping stomach issues managed with low dose Marinol before breakfast and supper - taking capecitibine after eating - along with one immodium around noon.  Energy is continuing to improve.  Was able to do 15 minutes on the elliptical for 1.4 miles!!!  Did my usual crunches and push ups, and added squats.  Kinda tired now.  But...  Why am I doing all this?  Well, it's just how I roll, for one thing.  But there is also this:

Exercise Reduces Severity of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Oncology Nurse Advisor

Where the author notes:   "...approximately 50% of patients who receive taxane, platinum, or vinca-alkaloid–based chemotherapy experience peripheral neuropathy, but effective therapeutic options are limited.  ...456 patients with cancer treated with CIPN-inducing chemotherapy regimens. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either chemotherapy or chemotherapy plus the Exercise for Cancer Patients (EXCAP) program, in which patients undergo moderate-intensity walking and resistance exercises for 6 weeks.  ...   Analysis showed that the increases in CIPN symptoms of hot/coldness in hands/feet and numbness/tingling were lower ... among patients in the exercise arm compared with the control arm." 

So, there you go!!  Live and sew chaotically!!! - les


  1. Rosie looks so pretty in that dress! You do such a nice job with knits.

    I was about to say for you to not push yourself with the exercising... until I got to the bottom of your post. Keep going girl! :)

  2. Thanks, Ruthie. It was actually very easy to put together. I hope the next one turns out as well. The material for it is a little more tricky! See? I got REASONS for my madness!!!!! Hee hee!

  3. Huh!! First, in your order...that looks like a pattern Jessica would like for both herself and 8 year old Micaylah, though it would have to be cut waaaay down for my Granddaughter, but that's just the right style.

    Glad you got a decent night's sleep! That's huge!!!! And the exercise news...makes sense and I could spell "exercise" as a four letter word if I try! :) After reading this, I think about my FB post yesterday and Grace making me run and this gets me thinking that now that you say it, my feet, particularly around my toes, ARE starting to feel a little less numb and frozen (no "cold" frozen but "stiff" frozen). You've got me thinking I need to do my way of "running" more. Great incentive! Thank you!