Sunday, October 15, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - We arrive in Paris - and fabric shopping!!!

I can't believe it's been over a year!!!  But, last September B and I shared a wonderful adventure that started in New York:
Travel Chaotically! - New York - it begins.....
Travel Chaotically! - New York and FABRIC shopping!!!
Travel Chaotically! - New York - Mulberry Street!
Travel Chaotically! - New York - Street Fair and Central Park

We left New York at 5:20 PM and arrived in Paris at 06:45 AM!  Yee hah!!! After a coffee and croissant, we dropped our bags at our hotel, to check in later, and were off to fabric (en tissu!!!) at the base of Montmartre and the Sacre-coeur!

Paris style!!!

Quintessential Parisian view....

Ya gotta have some 'tude when you're near the Moulin Rouge!!!

Voulez-vous des friandises?

En tissu!!!

Are we tired, or psycho?????  Maybe both!!!

If only I knew what I could do with an African wax print!!!

Why waste fabric on full size models when you can have itty bitty tiny ones????  Additionally, Tissu Reine was AMAZING...with Liberty Prints at only 29 euros per meter.  In NY they were $36.00 per yard!  Just say'n!

Frou Fou was the cutest shop.  And then they had this!!!???  You KNOW what that means!!!

I can't explain this...but we saw this phenom....



Coffee before the trek back!!!

If I had to smell this from a balcony all day....

....this is how I'd look!!!  So very sad that I couldn't eat there!!!

Got only slightly lost on our way back to our hotel.  Happens when you've been up for a while!  No dinner needed.  Just SLEEP!!!!!  Still....a great first day in Paris!! - c


  1. Ooooooo... the fabric! And now you know what you can do with a wax print!

    1. I know!! Hee hee!!! We have GOT to go fabric shopping somewhere fabulous TOGETHER!!!!