Friday, February 10, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - New York and FABRIC shopping!!!

B spoiled me by spending his first full day in the Big Apple hot footing it to the Fabric/Garment district.  (He does love to take abstract colorful pics no matter where he I don't think it was too dull for him!!!)

Ya gotta go Me-MADE when fabric shopping!!!

The BEST bagels...PERIOD!!!...really ARE at BEST Bagel and Coffee on 35th St.!!!  A teeny tiny linear shop with practically no seating....but sooooo worth it!!!


More sparkly, spandexy fabrics than one could possibly imagine!!

You know. Just your basic street scene with a skate boarder, pedestrians, a man blowing bubbles and a fire engine.  

The Mother Ship!  I mean......MOOD!
I posted this video before....but it really does capture the chaos very well:  Mood in motion!!!

Seriously, is this not a wonderland?!

And you gotta meet Swatch!!!

Then....there were OTHER stores!  This one sold (and made) just ZIPPERS!!!!

Finding Metro Textiles, leaving B to deal with the somewhat crotchety and exuberant Kashi!!

Someone with a serious love of orange...or a VOLs fan?????

B and J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When you love ALL the fabric!!!
So organized.  So well labelled!!!

Well, maybe not LOVE for ALL the fabrics!

Style is style.  Fashion is fashion.  GIRL!  You got STYLE! (Style definitely detached from content!!!)

Happy shopping.....

...and shipping!!!

With a delicious, seriously thin crust pizza from Vezzo's for dinner!!!  Great tip, J!!!
Soooooo much fun!  Thanks, B! - c

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