Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Fit and Flare Dress M7244 - Second make...

I first made this dress for Rosie here:  Sew Chaotically! - McCall's Fit and Flare Dress 7244

It turned out really well and I think she has gotten many good, fun wears out of it!  I've been waiting to find the right material to make mine.  I happened upon this super soft, textured knit at JoAnn's and knew it would be perfect!

This pattern goes together very well.  My only changes were to leave off the back zip (which I had done for Rosie's as well) and take up a bit of ease out of the back before I placed the pattern piece on the fold, then I left off the facing to the lining that the pattern includes as you can see here in the version I made Roo...
Making it per pattern instructions you cut a facing of the dress material that you add before attaching the lining.  This added extra work and a seam that can show up nobbly-like on the right side!  I just didn't see the point!

For mine, I simply cut the lining pieces as replicas of the front and back.  Works for me!

Spring may be on the way, but it is still too cold to be out here without a coat, y'all!!  #sillysewingblogproblems
This is a cute comfy dress that I am currently wearing with tights or boots, but looking forward to wearing with Tennies or ballet flats once the weather is warmer!  Sew chaotically!!! - love, c

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