Thursday, February 9, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - New York - it begins.....

As I mentioned a few months ago, Brent and I were blessed to enjoy an amazing trip in September that took us to New York, with visits to an amazing city and dear friends, to Paris, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Sarlat, Marseille, and back to Paris again!  Here's the beginning.....

Once in New York we proceeded to ride EVERY train!!!  From the Jamaica Air Train in from the airport, catching the 6 to Grand Central, the Harlem Metro Line to Wassaic and back again....then the metro all around!!!  IT. WAS. AWESOME!
Getting to play with good friends (some pictured, some not!) was a fabulous treat!!!! [Love you bunches S and S and J and F!!!!]

Back in the Big Apple we were good to go in Pod 39!!!  We got this bunkie business down!!!

Dinner at The Smith, per Ruthie's recommendation and what a great place!!!

Mushrooms and rice with amazing Asian flavors topped with a perfectly fried egg.
Pulpo for B...

Burrata with toast for me!

Our street!

My two favorite pics from MOMA....yes...both in the courtyard, taken by Bentie.  A little Black and White Warbler and a Common Yellow Warbler (per our Google research!).  Dull names for super cute little birdies!

Lovely combo's of old and new throughout the city.  Lots of helpful and "interesting" folks. Like the girl who let us into MOMA on 'student' tickets as we only had about an hour before close.  There was the fellow having a huge fist-a-cuffs with an imaginary (or maybe just invisible to me!!!) combatant in Grand Central.  He seemed to have gotten the better of the fellow, though.  For which many of us in the area were glad!   We were sweetly shepherded on the train by a lovely gent, folks often helped out as we looked at our map and were just good people generally!!!  It was all lovely!  More to come....   les

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  1. I'm loving all the travel posts! Y'all should co-write a beautiful coffee table travel book!