Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cancer and Sugar!! Oh, lordy, lordy! Here we go again!!!

As I've said about a zillion times before, if we ever find one food, one activity, one thing...that cures cancer or prevents a person from developing cancer...I will more than happily abstain from that thing!!!  And should it come down to sugar and cancer, that will be a pretty easy deal for me.  I rarely eat sweets...not because I'm a saint, think they will make me fat, or because I think they are bad for me.  NOPE!  I just don't like them that much.  I'd much rather have a piece of cheese!!!  That being the case, what I've also said a zillion times before is much more important:  No matter what we eat ~ a piece of cake, cheese, dandelion greens, steak, pasta, or anything else....our body turns it all - ALL OF IT - into GLUCOSE - the only fuel our cells can use!!!

Why am I going over this tired old ground again???  Because a "new" article is out and I am trying to stay ahead of the curve!!! 

With great thanks to my partner in crime, hiking, research, and life:

B writes, "There is a new article in Nature Communication which makes a connection  between abnormal sugar utilization in cancer cells and the mechanism whereby the same metabolic pathway in yeast cells causes an excessive growth of the yeast cells.  It presumes that the same mechanism is present in both yeast and mammalian cancer cells.  There is far from any evidence that the intake of normal amounts of sugar in people would exacerbate the growth of cancer cells in humans.  Even the author of the study points this out."

Here's the original (rather obtuse) article, from Nature Communications:  Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate couples glycolytic flux to activation of Ras

Here's a press release that is more accurate, from Bruce Vanderburg, in Reliawire :  Link Between Cancer Tumour Growth And Sugar Clarified

And finally, there's this press release which is more dramatic and WRONG, By Najja Parker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  Study: Sugar can fuel cancerous cells
(#sorrynotsorry Najja!!  #itiswhatitis)

So, there you go.  Take it as you will.  If you wish to abandon the intake of sugar.  FINE!!  You may well experience some weight loss and various other health benefits (like maybe filling up on more veggies - or - better glucose control, especially if you have diabetes or a family predisposition for that disease) but, unfortunately, thus far, there is no data to show that it will prevent or cure your cancer.

Take it as you will!!!  Wishing you all our best! - b and c

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