Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Just a fun ASCO break today....
One need not travel for days and days to arrive in an entirely new and beautiful world!!!  Welcome to Atlanta's beautiful botanical gardens.....

Gotta say ~ not completely loving the latest art installation that adds dead trees painted neon colors, some jabbed in the ground, others 'floating' in air ~ in what were already supremely beautiful grounds.....

But, when you get to spend a great vacay with your bestie - #sisters!!!! - it is okay!!!

I have no recollection of, nor explanation for this move!

As noted above about the painted trees...I feel similarly about red plastic discs!!

What an incredible topiary!!  And beautiful peeps!

I wasn't kidding about the umbrella (aka shade producer)!!!

"Snacks? Do you have snacks?"  Silly, red bird!  Snacks are for sparrows!!!

Celeste blue is for realz!!!!

The cutest topiary, the best of friends, Liberty of London Me Made Ruthie skirt, and a Celestial Rumi!!!

Didn't even know B took this pic!!!  Girls gotta have fun in Hot'lanta!!!

Hope flies....

...on dragonfly wings.......thin glitter, whisked in the breeze...
Where there is love...there is hope.  Thanks to all of you who keep me going.  Thanks to Ruthie, Frankie, and B for an amazing vacay and all their love and support for years and years. - love, les
Publishing note:  Outcomes after stopping immunotherapy in melanoma - coming up tomorrow!!! c

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