Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Me Made May - Wk 5 - Polly Top - Option B

Me Made May is done.  Thanks for your patience.  It was a bit of a weird experience. I found the photographing and the posting odd.  Narcissistic to say the least!  Not sure I would do it again, but it did give me a new way of thinking about the clothes I have made and how I might approach making things in the future.  I was proud that I could wear something that I made and actually liked, each day of the month.  So here's the finale....and a few more thoughts.....
Happy Memorial Day!  Blue is a thing.  B5890 fit and flare top!
An easy summer dress M7242!
My last Me Made May day was spent working on this Holly Burn Skirt (with Provençal fabric purchased in Paris!!!).  To be blogged soon!

It has been a difficult week for those of us in melanoma world, though ever so much more so for the families of dear Jamie and my sweet Joshie, as well as Shane, who both sought hospice services this week.  Earlier this week I wrote of my conflicted feelings in spending time making pretty, frivolous difficulty in facing the trove of ASCO abstracts B had forwarded to me.  Though, ultimately...I circled round...writing this:  "
For all that every loss, brings certain pain, these lives have become an incredible gift and integral part of mine.  As such, I must continue to do what I can.  I must put ALL my effort into LIVING every minute.  I must play and work and laugh and love...and cry...with all I have.  It will never be enough, but it is what I can do to honor the memory of all of these incredible folks, who live on in my heart."

Now we add the evil and loss that our neighbors in London are dealing with.  Then just today, I read a post written by Sheryl Sandberg (See her facebook page here) in June of 2015 when dealing with the loss of her husband.  While my losses do not begin to approximate hers...a portion of her writing resonated.  When trying to move forward despite her loss, and develop a plan to do so with the help of friends and family, she wailed, "But I want Dave.  I want Option A!!!!"  Putting his arms around her, her friend replied, "Option A is not available.  So let's just kick the shit out of option B."

In keeping with Option B and as promised at the end of my last post, here is a cute pink Polly Top...
Made from salvaged tissue knit from a sweater I no longer wore and a fine checked cotton lawn I got years ago, the Polly Top is a free pattern from BY HAND - London, ironically -  a sewing pattern label/company created by three incredible, artistic women from London who draft patterns, design fabric and inspire others.

I will never have Option A - a life without melanoma.  Therefore, I have no choice but Option B!!! Option B will involve the pain and suffering that melanoma and hateful acts by horrible, monsters parading as humans inflict upon the innocent. But, Option B will also include sweet hugs from friends and my little patients, endless effort to share as much information and knowledge as I can about melanoma so that it might bring help to some.  Option B will include loving family and friends with all my might, laughter and tears, books and music, travel and hard work, losses and wins, efforts dedicated to creating:  delicious meals, lovely gardens, pretty garments, and perhaps a well crafted sentence or two.

So here's to LIVING...with melanoma...and whatever else it kick the shit out of Option B. - love, les

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