Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sew Chaotically! ~ Cake AND frosting!!! #sewfrosting entry #2! Grainline's Morris Blazer

When sewing for Roo, everyday wear can seem like 'frosting' given her love of color and pattern.  Remember these recent additions???  She likes classic pieces zhuzhed up a notch or two!  When she needed a little everyday jacket, the perfection that is the Morris Blazer, by Grainline Studio, came to mind.  I have made SEW many!!!  They are comfiest when made in a fabric with a bit of stretch, like this FROSTING quality print she chose from JoAnn's.  It is somewhere between a ponte and a woven with just a tad of stretch in one direction.  Though not a ball gown, the explosion of color surely qualifies as the perfect frosting for her basic (if vivid pink and yellow are basic!!!) cake!!!
Brilliantly professional, while colorfully true to Roo!!  Morris Blazer Frosting styled with yellow knit B5354, Lands' End pencil skirt that I tailored for her to improve the fit, and purple suede pumps.

More Morris Blazer Frosting!!!  This time with a vivid pink M6282 knit top, the tailored pencil, and black booties!

This has been a really fun challenge!!  I got to sew AND play with my Roo!  I've had a lot of fun with her recent wardrobe refurbishment I've been working on with her since the spring.  We have a few bits to go, but I think we succeeded in creating pieces she really likes in regard to fit, style, and her current job/life.  Piece of cake, when you sew, right???  Then, we added the colors and prints that make her happy...and STILL made them WORK!!!  Now, THAT's frosting!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration ~ Roo, Heather (@closetcase.patterns) and Kelli (@truebias)!
Live and Sew - Chaotically!!! - love, les


  1. That fabric is just fabulous! It looks great in all the ways y'all styled it.

  2. Roo picked it. I think it worked out really well. Thanks for the support and finding the Morris Blazer pattern for me in the first place!!!