Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CAPOX, me, random factoids, and the GBD's!!!!

Given my current mood, tummy issues, tingly/misbehaving fingers, and other zombie-fying side effects of my many drugs - RANDOM!!! - may be the prevailing theme in this post...but here we go!

To start.  If you are over 50, actually if you are a human of any age or gender, check this out.  A bit of fashion advice I can get behind!  What not to wear after 50, by Michelle Combs, June 29, 2018

She notes, "You are over 50 for f%&k’s sake. Wear whatever you want. If you’ve made it to 50 and still need to consult articles on how to dress appropriately then you are so missing out on one of the best things about being over 50. One of the best things about getting older is realizing that we don’t have to spend our energy worrying what other people think and we get to be comfortable in our own skin with our own freak flags."  And recommends that we pass on wearing:  "The weight of the world.  Shame and regret.  Rose colored glasses.  Stiff upper lip.  Too many hats.  Resting bitch face. Hahahahaha. Just kidding. Wear that one all you want. Although, it wouldn’t hurt if every once in a while, you had a welcoming and kind look on your face. At least that’s what I hear from other people."

{Maybe that was what was up with my nurse!!  Resting bitch face!!!  And to be honest, I may need to watch wearing my "stiff upper lip" too often.}

In that vein, there is going to be a new label to something that I hope has been ongoing in this space since its origin...TRUTH!!  Unvarnished truth.  Delivered not as a whine or a whimper, not as a contest for whose situation sucks the most or shines the brightest, but as information for those in need.  Shared realness between dear ones, combined with the humor required to face it!!!!  These 'TRUTHS' may range large in topic and frivolity.
But, I will be Keep'n it💯!!!  Ready????

The GOOD, the BAD, and the DEETS!!!!  The GBD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Before starting round 2, B took me on a Fall Tour of our neighborhood and yard!!!

It's fall, y'all!!

My ever watchful Meerkat was not thrilled that I walked up a little hill!!!  
Summer is still trying to....
....hang on for just a minute more!!!

A strange plant whose name I do not know that I grew up with.  Rooted there from an old south Alabama home place, as I recall.  Happy in its mountain home for the past 20 years.  Attracting zillions of hummingbirds in a single season!!!  Right, Ruthie????  Any intel on this one, Connie or Mary Anne????
This plant, which I call a Rose of Sharon, has a similar origin.  Strangely, its flowers may be white or pink...on the same plant!!!

Happy House, Heather!!!  So happy with how this turned out!!!

  • Since cutting things takes more focus and brain power on my part than most sewing does...
....I cut all the pretty things before embarking on treatment round 2!!!  Sew excited!!!
  • We have had fun watching a flock of blue birds, that I like to think are the babies that hatched from a bird house hung from the porch this spring, return to the area to snack off meal worms (YUCK!!!) that B puts out for them.  
  • Despite some nausea in the night, handled successfully with Marinol, I have had no emesis!  Ate tea, toast, and an egg for breakfast.  Am going down to marinol 2.5mg twice a day today...rather than the 5mg we were using about every 6 hours or so since Monday...if symptoms allow.

The BAD:

  • My stomach is hurting. Fingers and feet are jingy jangy at rest and more so if I touch ANYthing. I haven't even considered touching something cold!  B is thinking we are going to need a reduction in the oxaliplatin next time.  Still deciding what to do with the capecitibine.  Sticking with the 3 tabs twice daily so far, while being mindful of NOT wearing my "stiff upper lip" too long!!!
  • Frustrated that my great plan of making another afghan while getting my treatments and during the "down time" after, has been foiled by these neuropathies!!!  I will make it.  Just thought it would be a mindless, easy thing for me to do during those times.  Oh, well...
Progress thus far.  She will get done, just not in the way I thought!!
  • Similar frustration has been found related to work on my sashiko pillows, in that during this "down time" my fingers can't begin to manage that, as well as in simply sitting on my back porch!  I cleaned it off special before starting this disaster, thinking I could bundle up and rest in my rocker out there to veg or read.  Which I can, BUT!  The air can't be too cold or it triggers neuropathies in my skin as well as my throat/lungs!!!  HOW WEIRD!!!!!  And aggravating!
  • I have some weird drawing of my mouth/lips when I lick them - more yesterday than today.
  • My throat feels it did last time...but is already improving slowly.
  • Had quite a lot of hiccoughs throughout yesterday.  Yes, they are a potential "side effect" as well!!  Not so many today.
  • I have had jaw pain when I bite down on anything initially...but then it fades...much as it did on the first round.
  • This are the DEETS on the GOOD news that I view our recent election to be!!!  YES!  For me, the election across this nation that took place yesterday showed a referendum on.....                                DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                              ~ A FREE AND FAIR AMERICA, that is strong despite problems we do face and work we need to do, and the RADICAL MIDDLE.  Americans are tired of meanness, of smallness, of failure of our leaders to work together to find solutions at home and across the globe.  Americans expect BETTER!!!  Did Democrats win every race?  NO!  Did Republicans win every race?  NO!  But, Americans did.  They talked.  They thought.  They voted.  They are ready for politicians to work and lead.  In our local world here are our DEETS:

Clearly, we live in a heavily Republican district.  BUT....  I am ever so proud of B!!!  He took no donations (though they were offered!!!), raised no funds, spent no money, stood in because the Democratic party asked him to, and he WORKED!!!  Knowing "victory" was not the point.  The point was sharing with others.  Bringing people together to have conversations, discussions, a start on how to make the lives of ALL Tennesseans BETTER!!!  And he did!!!  On street corners, in meetings of every group you can name, at rallies, at protests, at celebrations - he met with others...those who were like minded and those who were share and think about:
  • accessible healthcare for ALL
  • equal rights - no matter the color of your skin, your sex, who you choose to love, or how you worship
  • reasonable gun laws to protect American lives
  • safe and renewable energy
  • environmental policies that leave our children and grandchildren clean water to drink and clear air to breathe
  • investment in infrastructure that allows folks a safe and timely commute to work as well as reasons for growth in business and the economy
  • a safe and secure America that still believes in Lady Liberty and the diversity she knows represents the best of America
  • public education that EDUCATES...our children AND adult learners in order to maintain job security, happiness, and will carry our country forward.
He did all that!!  Think what we could ALL accomplish if we took the time to talk and listen, rather than resort to name calling and ugliness!!  AND...with simple, straight forward, honest talk...gained 9,869 VOTES!!!  His competitor was in receipt of 18,346!  Well done, B!!!  Congratulations, Ms. Hazelwood!

There you go.  RANDOM?  Possibly.  Hopeful?  YES!!! While keeping it real with the GBD's!!! - love, les

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  1. Love the post by Michelle! I see so many lists of "rules" for those over 50 ~ this looks more up my alley!

    I'm beyond proud of Brent and all that he accomplished! I'm leading a mental standing ovation right now. :)

    Beautiful foliage and photography as usual! And I can certainly vouch for the amazing quantity and beauty of those hummingbirds! I will never forget standing in the midst of that.