Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I am thankful...

...for ever so many things.  I live in a lovely, comfortable home in a safe neighborhood.  I do not have to struggle to put nutritious food on my table.  My children are healthy, productive adults with good hearts and busy lives.  I can afford health insurance and have transportation to needed care.  I am more than blessed.

Still, my sincere gratefulness for all those blessings is nothing compared to how thankful I am for my peeps!!  Yes, my little world went straight in the crapper at the end of August.  I lost immediate plans, independence, the ability to do many of the things that make me "me", endured surgeries and pain, dealt with the need to examine my mortality and try to figure out if there was a treatment that may delay my demise (for the second time!!!), and continue to endure the nasty regimen I settled on.  BUT!!!  My peeps were ready.  Bentie and Ruth were on it!!  From research to dealing with hospital craziness to wiping my booty.  The kiddo's and dear ones were dedicated visitors to distract and support.  Once home, B and Ruthie cooked and cleaned.  Since then, B has made my care his main focus.  And that's not all!!!

While this mess has droned on for a full 3 months now, dear ones from near and far have continued their sweet efforts to keep me feeling in the loop, loved and entertained.  From sweet cards, emails, texts, messages on IG and melanoma forums, delicious meals on wheels (Dear Kay!!!!), flowers and witch hazel blossoms, to supportive visits - my dear ones have not wavered.

Then today...this incredible gift arrived at my door:

A remarkably thoughtful, artistic, entertainment package marvelously personalized just for me!!!  There's a lovely storage box, in a blue that matches my bedroom perfectly, personalized for Bubbles (B's name for me as most of you know!!!) with a tiny dragonfly charm attached!!!  Kazoo's and a shaker included for musical fun.  Bubbles for Bubbles!! That I can't wait to take with me on my first outing along the river walk!!  (You catch that, B????) A gift certificate to a local restaurant!!!  (Wonderfully impressive as this dear one has never placed one foot on Signal Mountain!!!)  There's even a rattie!!!  Where on earth one attains such a thing I can hardly imagine.  And finally, a true work of art, in the shape of a tiny book, covered in dragonfly paper, filled with miniature art that is so perfect and personal that it brought sweet tears to my eyes.  My dear Beth did all this.  For me.  And though we have never met in person, she is my sister.  A dear one.  Who, while dealing with plenty of  difficult things in her life, went to all this effort to shine a light in mine.

For all of you, I am thankful.  My peeps, new and old, have stood by me...again and always.  You have made my load lighter.  You have made me laugh when I didn't think it was possible.  You have babied and petted me.  You have encouraged me to be strong when I felt weak.  Your care made it possible for me to endure the past three months and believe I can make it through the next two.  Your love and kindness have kept "ever burning before my vagrant steps, the kindly light of hope."

By way of Natalie Merchant, this is for all of you:  Kind and Generous

For your selflessness, my admiration
For everything you've done, you know I'm bound
I'm bound to thank you for it

You've been so kind and generous
I don't know how you keep on giving
For your kindness, I'm in debt to you
And I never could have come, this far without you

Oh, I want to thank you for so many gifts you gave
The love, the tenderness, I want to thank you
I want to thank you for your generosity, the love
And the honesty you gave me
I want to thank you, show my gratitude
My love, and my respect for you, I want to thank you.

I need no special day to know ~ I am thankful. For all of you.
Much love, Bubbles.

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  1. Prayers for a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving, Bubbling Les!