Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running with Rosie


I run with her.
She glides easily along the path,
I love to listen
    even as I pant to keep up.

The clouds point our way,
As do the koi, the wrens,
     the herons.
The roses smile
     as we breathe by.

The builders smoke,
   wearing extra shirts
   as jackets.

Some run
     because they are late.

I run with her.
Because I always have.
Because we are a team.

        is my light.


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  2. So very sweet Celeste.

    We want everything for our children.
    We want to see the world through their eyes.
    We want ...

    Love ya,
    Thomas and Will's Mom

  3. Terri,
    You read me perfectly. There must really be something to this twin thing! This little poem was inspired after a real run I had with Rosie along the river in Knoxville. I have always said that my kids are my magnum opus... I know you feel that way, too. Big hugs to Thomas and Will and to their wonderful mom as well! Love, c