Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melanoma. Moon Shot. Curiosity. The best 5th grade teacher in the world.

 What on earth do these things have to do with one another???  Everything.  And, not just here on earth either!!!

In November of 2011, NASA launched Curiosity (The Mars Science Lab) with the rover landing on Mars August 5, 2012.  Since then, Curiosity has been sending back more data than all other previous rovers combined.  Go, Curiosity!!!  But, I like one particular transmission best.

Back in February of 2011, NASA's administrator, Charlie Bolden, a self proclaimed science nerd who attended a science magnet school when he was a kid, contacted the BEP's (That's the Black Eyed those of y'all not in the know!!!) front man, to see if he wanted to help with the agency's efforts to draw more young students into science, technology, and math classes.  On August 28, 2012,'s new song, Reach for the Stars, blasted across the air waves FROM MARS, back to the earthlings here at home!!!! ( For fun, google the event to check out some photos of brilliant space scientists gettin' down to some orchestral!!!  Too cool!!!)

Then, on September 21, (just last week!!!) MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston announced a "moon shot" (referencing the can-do spirit of the 1960's Apollo space program) to dramatically reduce cancer deaths from 8 types of cancer in the next 10 years.  The program, to launch in February of 2013, plans to spend $3 billion to fund 6 research teams dedicated to accelerate the time cancer treatments proven by research will be used clinically for patients who need them.  Cancer types selected are:  acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, chronic lymphocytic leukemia,  MELANOMA, lung cancer, prostate cancer, triple negative breast and ovarian cancer.  These particular cancers were picked after a year long review by doctors and scientists "because the state of knowledge in the field today is such that if...acted upon with the technologies we have today, there would be a subsequent effect in the level of mortality," according to Dr. DePinno, president of MD Anderson.

But, possibly even more importantly, the Star Base program, an amazing interactive class room that seeks to bring 5th graders greater exposure to the fields of science, technology, and math, hired the best teacher in this galaxy and beyond just this past August.  There, she brings the skills, knowledge, and principles of science and discovery to hundreds of children with incredible enthusiasm and an energy that lets every child know....they CAN....Reach for the Stars!!!!!!  (That's my Ruthie!!!  She teaches ME everyday!)  Just think, she could be teaching the next NASA scientist, the researcher who cures cancer, and tomorrow's hot rapper....TODAY!!!!!

Why do they say the sky is the limit?
    When I've seen the foot steps on the moon?
And I know, the sky might be high,
   But, baby it ain't really that high.
And I know that Mars, might be far.
   But, baby it ain't really that far!
Let's reach for the stars,
   Reach for the stars!
Let me see your hands up!
   Hands up! Get 'em up high. Hands up!
If you really feel alive, 
  Live it up, live it up!!! Reach for the Stars

MD Anderson Cancer Moon Shot

At this point...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!  Check out the links above...and LIVE IT UP! - c


  1. Yay,! Yay, MD Anderson! Yay, Curiosity! Yay, STARBASE! Yay, Cess, and the many others fighting against cancer! And, wow! I feel like a celebrity! :)

  2. Well now, that's just the coolest thing!

  3. Ruthie you ROCK!!!! Must be a family trait.