Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 days post anti-PD1 infusion...

...and I want to be one of the Bangin' Rackettes with Clairy Browne!!  Weekend = tired. Monday worked but felt crappy and my sweet (and I really mean that!!!) nurses one by one...said..."You look tired!"  "You don't look like you feel good!"  "You're pale.  Are you ok?"  And ultimately..."Why are you here???!!!"  Oh, well. Worked anyway.  But, thanks to an awesome boss, (who would have let me off, period....just can't stand to do that to already scheduled patients!) I left an hour early since my last hour wasn't booked yet.  Anyhow, had really nasty muscle calf myositis with the flu...or generalized muscle soreness with a fever.  By Tuesday I was better, with the more expected arthralgias...most in my wrists and ankles, but the sore muscles were resolved.  Wednesday was pretty ok and today: I ran 2 miles with Z, picked up limbs, pruned some shrubs, made a bouquet from the last of my roses, picked the last cherry tomatoes, did laundry, paid bills, tidied the house, changed bed linens, made braised chicken thighs in Riesling for supper, roasted a pork tenderloin to take to the kids tomorrow, and grilled zucchini and peppers to go in quinoa for tomorrow's supper.  It is finally cool and breezy I also cleaned the porch and set it up for chillin' after work.  Anyhow, in my next life I will definitely come back as a lounge lizard!!!  Lovin' Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Racketts. Check them out!  You'll feel better the minute you hear matter what ails you!

...I'm gonna write what I want you to do to me in a letter.  I'm gonna write it for good or for bad or for  worse or for better.  I'm gonna write it for you so that you can be my me get head.  Darling, I'm writing you a love me get out....of my head! 

Love 'ya! - c

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