Sunday, September 2, 2012

21 months....melanoma free

CT scans (neck, chest, and pelvis) along with an MRI of the brain done yesterday, show "no substantial change" from the last scans, (way to CYA my little radiologist friend!) leaving me NED for 21 months now. Good news, obviously. That means I will head to Tampa next week for more anti-PD1 and a visit to the World of Weber. Brent and I will try to procure as much info as possible and share it here on our return.  Lately, there has been a dearth of information on the coming availability of anti-PD1 or any other substantial melanoma news in the literature. Though it does seem that both the BMS and Merck products are producing positive effects in melanoma patients, both companies are refusing to comment on when their drugs will be seeking FDA approval, nor are they offering their treatments for compassionate use. Both do have trials on-going and are doing more bit by bit. Amplimune appears to be recruiting for their anti-PD1 product and have some trials in which brain mets are not an eliminating factor. Apart from those tidbits, I have little more to offer. Perhaps I will have more to share next week.  To celebrate, B and I did errands yesterday and tons of yard work today! Did run a couple miles with the monster before pruning roses, weeding flower beds, and ripping out B's done tomatoes. Oh,'s the little things!  Love - c


  1. The little things are the best of all things. Love you

  2. This is great! But, rest up some today! I love you!

  3. inhale. exhale. rejoice! doing a major happy dance for you all.