Sunday, December 26, 2010

We're here!

Drove down to Macon as planned yesterday. Got out of the subdivision just fine thanks to Brent's snow chains. Had to stop and take them off by the time we got to the main road as the roads had been cleared there and the chains didn't like that! VERY messy the whole way with the most snow and sleet falling south of Atlanta. Had a nice dinner at the hotel of black bean soup and cheese bread which we had packed for the trip. Heck! If we're having to drive, might as well make it a ROAD TRIP! Bent got me breakfast from the little self serve bar that La Quinta has and we were on the road again. Peach trees, plucked cotton fields, pecan orchards - all looking much colder than they'd like to be. And if anyone calls out the National Guard in search of ALL the inhabitants of Michigan, Ontario, Kentucky, Indiana, or Illinois - call and tell them that I know where they are...heading south on I-75! Traffic wasn't that bad, though more than I'd thought it would be. There is a stretch before Tampa that has more billboards than any length of road I've ever noted before composed of equal parts anti-abortion messages (some of which were very bizarre) and "love" toys/adult x-rated shop ads. A strange dichotomy I thought. Once in Tampa bill boards are still incredibly prominent but tend to feature plastic surgery, dental, and law firm ads! Just thought you'd like to know!

We drove straight to Tarpon Springs. A fun but touristy part of Tampa that was settled by Greek sponge fishermen. We did a little shopping, Brent got to speak a little Greek, and then we had a good meal. (I had Greek salad, roasted potatoes and shrimp, while Brent had what they call farmer's salad and roasted octopus.) Very nice!

We are now back at the same hotel we used on our last trip which is only a few miles from the hospital. Have to be there at 7:15. Better get some sleep. By the way, am posting via wifi on my new iPad that Brent and the kids got me for Christmas! How cool is that?

Much love - c

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