Monday, December 6, 2010

Well, that sucks!!!!

Got the official read of the brain MRI today and there is another met, 3 mm, high right parietal, at the junction between the white and grey matter. Brent was adamant that it was there on the October films (though the current reader says it wasn't) but on Brent's closer inspection it does seem to have grown. So.....if this is the case I will not be a candidate for the PD-1/vaccine trial in Tampa, at least not at this time. I suppose that I could have it irradiated, and then, if 3 months later, it appears to have been taken care of and nothing else has developed, I could pursue the trial again. But....that's a lot of ifs and I don't know how long they will continue enrolling folks in this particular trial. his distress today....Brent began looking for other options. Found a newly posted trial for the second BRAF inhibitor (the one that has an effect on brain mets) for which patients with treated and untreated brain mets are eligible. (Hey, look at me....I can do this trial with BOTH arms!!!) He called the pharm company. They didn't know much. Gave him another number. He saw that is was a Tampa number, due to the area code. Called that. Ended up talking to Dr. Weber's nurse!! (Isn't it a wonderful, small, melanoma world????) It seems that he may be running this trial as well. She didn't know too much. Said it was starting up in Feb. We would have to talk to Dr. Weber. He hasn't called back yet. Will have to check with him, hopefully tomorrow, to see if it is worth our time to go down to see him Thurs.

Don't know what we'll be doing. Told the kids. Such great news to hear during finals....or just anytime! They are amazing. So bright. So strong. My magnum opus. Love you my little lebchukens.

But....Fred said it best...."Well, that sucks."
Love you all. Will keep you posted - c


  1. Love you, Celeste... thinking of you everyday! Hope you find something perfect for your situation that will help. I can't imagine the mental roller coaster you are on, but know that someone who can't help a darn bit loves you and has you heavy on thier heart!


  2. Thanks, Laura. With all that you have in your heart just now, and for all these years, hearing your words means ever so much. Give my sweet Glo and all your kids a big hug from me. Love you!

  3. Celeste, you are in my prayers and thoughts. Words can not express my heart's desire for you and family. Terri

  4. Thanks Terri. Yes, your words did. Kiss those sweet boys for me.