Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hot tip on the next Times best seller....

Thanks to my incredible (read: wonderfully insane) and supportive friends, I have the name of the next hot ticket in the world of books. When telling of my difficulties of living with a man completely obsessed with me and my melanoma (In most ways it's the most fantastic life ever...I mean, my lunch is packed and placed in my car with a special note, EVERYDAY, and dogs are walked, and fresh flowers are on the table, and the kitchen is cleaned, and groceries....lots of groceries....are supplied, and I am petted....well, there's more, but you get the idea!) and how large chunks of time are spent researching the blasted disease on the computer until I say, "ENOUGH!!!!"; she starts laughing hysterically and says, "You know, most women would hear the click of the computer keys in the night and think..."Oh, no! He's up searching for porn!" "But, for you, no, he's just reading about melanoma!" And then, another friend sends such a sweet and psycho note (in just the way that I love) telling me that I WILL kick this "Cancer Bitch's" ass, because of course, it has to be a woman. I mean, no man, would have this kind of persistence and tenacity! So with all that....drum roll please....the new, soon to be released, Times best seller is: MELANOMA PORN AND THE CANCER BITCH! You heard it here first.

I think I could sell about 50 copies. :>)

Anyhow, the obsessed one and I are off to Tampa tomorrow afternoon. Today we were sent confirmation of our appt around noon on Friday. So, we'll see what Dr. Weber has to say. At this point, I would just like a recommendation of what would be best to do....whatever that is.

We'll be back on Sat. Will keep you posted. Much love - c


  1. Yall are both crazy. Just a bit. In the best possible way. I love you.

  2. Love it Celeste-E! I would buy two copies! By the way, the movie of the weekend shall be KICKASS and I will think of you the whole time. Love to you. have a safe flight home!!!