Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So....awakened to 3 or so inches of snow, more falling, and 100's of flights being cancelled in Atlanta. After breakfast the kids are busy clearing the drive, Brent and our dear friend and neighbor, Les, are putting snow chains on the tires of Brent's car and I'm making a pot of soup for the kids in case of loss of power due to the icing that often follows snows up here. Fearing that our flight tomorrow will be cancelled anyway and the roads being worse in the am, Brent starts making plan number 9,010! Turns out Brent's work tonight (from 6p - 1am) gets cancelled since the manager doesn't think that nurses and front desk staff will be able to make it in, simplifying things some. In the end, he just cancels our flights himself, moves them to our next Tampa trip (for a one hundred dollar additional fee!), cancels our rental car, makes a hotel reservation in Macon and we will be on our way this evening. We plan to drive to Macon, spend the night, then on to Tampa tomorrow. We should get done in Tampa around noon to 3PM on Monday, so will probably drive about half way back that evening, and make our way back home on Tuesday. Obviously, I am not happy. I felt that all this was too invasive, requiring way too much time, energy, and money in the first this is NOT the way I wanted this to go! So much for what I want I suppose.... Oh, well...enough belly aching. Got to go do the elliptical and get a shower so I can go down the Signal Mountain Slip and Slide!!!

Hope all of you are having Christmases that are much less eventful and psychotic!!! Love to all - c


  1. Sometimes you want to scream and throw a fit even when you know it doesn't help, right?
    Well, Merry Christmas Sweetie...

  2. What would we do without a crazy Christmas? It just wouldn't be normal.

  3. Merry Christmas, maybe you can at least be warmer in Tampa? Still thinking of you and all yours, much love!