Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Rather frustrated with my nurse in Tampa! She said she would call on Monday with dates for my induction and lab intro into the study. Never did. By noon today, still no word, so I left a message. Around 4pm she called saying she had been busy with this and that and had finally made it through my "lengthy"records....oh well, suffer with melanoma for 7 years and you'll be happy if you have "lengthy" records. Let that pass. Then, she wants to know where my CT results are.

On the same CD as the MRI.
Well, I'll have to get the radiologists to review those.
Ok, take your time!

Then she calls back, where are the written reports?
On the same CD.
Yes, but I can fax you a copy if you like.

So, I have Brent print that off and send it to her.
I really hope she gets it together tomorrow.

I have limited time....for the trial and in general! I have patients to reschedule, plane tickets to arrange and a fx@k*^g tumor in my head!!!!!!!!!! When I tell people I'll call them back....I CALL THEM BACK!

Oh, well.....such is life. Hope the rest of you had your phone calls returned, roads that weren't icy, and heads that aren't hiding tumors. Love - c

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