Friday, May 11, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - Another faux wrap dress, but coral and for Roo!!! M6884

Sew!!!  I plowed through my purple period with this little ruched knit top, M6282 and a cute mesh exercise top, M7610 for Roo!  Now for a coral cornucopia!!

First up is the faux wrap dress, middle left.  I made this one for myself a while back: 

Faux wrap dress - M6884

The pattern is super straight forward and though I had lowered the placement of the "tie" on mine, as it is placed rather high for most reviewers and I am tall, once I had Rose try on mine, I moved it back up almost to where the pattern places it for her.

And since neither of us are all about those bows, after a few wears, I removed them from mine, cutting off some length from the ties and adding snaps to attach them at the side.  Should I make this dress for myself again, I will probably leave the ties off entirely, but Rosie liked them on hers and followed suit with a hidden closure on the left side.

I think it looks so pretty on her!  She was even a good sport and let me snap a quick pic just after she rushed in from work as we were zooming out to our weekly Barre Cardio class!!!  The material is a very soft, lush, almost sweater knit and a little thicker than is comfortable for the season currently.  It will serve her well when school restarts in the fall!!  Part 2 of my coral cornucopia coming soon!  Sew chaotically! - les

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