Friday, April 13, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - Wardrobe review and repair with new skirt and top! (M6842 and M6282)

Wardrobe review with Roo!!!  She took advantage of one day of her spring break to do spring cleaning in her closet!  She had done a rushed college student/cum mathematics teacher wardrobe up-grade several years ago, adding a few things here and there, since. However, she felt it was time to give it all a good hard look.  We went through EVERYTHING!!!  It was FUN!  We allocated items to:  keepers, repairs, trash, donate, and sell if possible.  So far, the yield is much more closet space, a large bag to the homeless center, more than $20 bucks in her pocket, with the possibility of more.  The mending pile came home with me. 
Button with braided loop added to the purple top M6896 on the left for modesty and cuteness.  Black and greenish khaki pants hemmed.  Grey shorts taken in at the waist in the back to remove the extra room in the waistband found in so many ready-to-wear pants.  The facings secured in the New Look 0926 sleeveless dress I made her before I became more savvy about bias tape finishes.  Little summer top hemmed more to her liking.   Waist bands of three skirts taken in - coral rtw, purple fine cord I made her several years ago, and purple plaid M3341 (along with their facings and linings!!! Big self congratulatory pat-on-the-back for myself there!!!).  And...a new little black flippy skirt!  (More on that below!)
A new combo already working!!!
And then there is this new and needed addition!  A really great, easy pattern I've used several times before McCall's 6842 top that off...

I've liked the look of this top/dress, and had this pattern at hand, for some time.  However, when perusing the pattern instructions I was always put off by the seeming complexity of the lining installation!!!  But last week, with years of sewing experience now attained, I thought, "Pish posh!!!  A lining???  How difficult could that be????"  Well!!!  While this pattern (and pattern designer) seem super proud to offer page after page on how one can adjust it for a high or low back hump, bust name offers very little on how to actually put the garment together!!!  Maybe it's just me...but the methodology was incredibly unclear on how to attach the shoulder seams in a manner that allows one to pull the lining right side around once neck and arm holes have been stitched together!  However, after a good bit of angst and almost driving poor B nutters with my frustration....I made it work.  I made a straight 12.  No adjustments apart from leaving out the back zip which the pattern says usually works if your knit is stretchy enough.  Next time, I will look at the way the lining is installed on a different top that went together easily and do it that way!
Rosie was very happy with it was all worth it!  And, it works well with much of her purple durple wardrobe!!
Including her new skirt!!!
Sew much fun with my girl!!!  And a big thanks to Roo for being a great model after a long day pouring Algebra II, Calculus and Pre-cal into the craniums of our future!!! Sew chaotically!!! - c

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