Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sew Chaotically! - Tops for Rosie -McCall's 6896

I first made this top for Roo in the spring of 2014:

A life les ordinary

I made a straight 12 and it fits her really well.  She likes to wear it alone in warmer weather and with a sweater when it's cooler.  It is not difficult though the princess seams were rather daunting when I first started!!!  It has a nifty way (if not intuitive for some of us) of finishing off the neck and arm facings so that they are all neat and tidy.  Here is a history of the sewing:
The first rendition, pictured in the post above.  My dress form is a little smaller than Roo, so the fit is not perfect in these pics.

With contrasting colors...

...and an exposed zip for fun!  Super easy to do.  There are many tutorials to peek at on youtube.

A year later, proof that practice does make perfect....or at least a lot better!!!

Right proud of dealing with this print!!!

Proof of the neat facings.

And since we're at it....

No ugly insides!!!  With label B had made for me!!!  Silly boy!  Don't you love it?

 Sew chaotically!!!!  love, c

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  1. Those look great! Rose is a lucky girl! I love the labels Brent gave you ~ he has been paying attention!