Monday, May 28, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - The Bristol Dress by Orageuse

It is now safe to say that I love Orageuse Patterns!!  The Berlin Skirt went together fabulously and has been a real fav.  When I saw the  Bristol Dress on their site and on the cute ladies of Mix and Sew, I couldn't wait to try it!   I admit I am spoiled and B prints and puts together my PDF patterns.  So, that is certainly easy for me.  But the instructions on Orageuse "bosses" (as they say in France) are really great and they are drafted so things go together as they should!  So far the EU size 40 has worked great for me with little to no modification.  (I had to take the skirt in a bit at the waist.) The patterns give excellent information and instructions about measurements (your own and the pattern's) with details about how to adjust them in any way that is needed.  They are very clear about how the garment is going to measure at completion and upon what measurements the sizes are based.  Given their in-depth info, I was able to add one inch to the dress at the waist shorten/lengthen line and another inch at hip level to keep the lines of the dress intact yet fit my height as needed.  I did curve out to a 42 at the hips because multiple reviews on-line did mention a tendency of the skirt to ride up on sitting and some tightness in that area generally.  I think it worked out perfectly!  I love the material, a washable 'suiting' fabric from JoAnn's, that comes out of the dryer without a wrinkle!  I plan to make another in something with a small amount of stretch for cooler weather.  I think the details are just lovely!  See what you think....

Oh!  Looking at that cuff detail reminded me.  If you have forearms of any significant size you might double check the circumference as they are a little tight and I don't think I'm a she-hulk or anything!!!  HA!  Looking forward to making Bruges Trousers soon!  Sew chaotically! - les


  1. I love this dress! You are very talented!

  2. That is a really sophisticated looking dress. You did a great job on it. But, calm down with those weights Popeye! ;)