Saturday, March 31, 2018

The New Wonder Woman...

Could you remain poised and eloquent and strong and determined and cogent and logical and focused after you had been shot at?  Lost friends forever in a school shooting?  TODAY????  Much less when you were a teen?  Could you give a speech filled with passion and thoughtfulness in front of thousands...being who you are today?  Much less as a teen who survived more horror than most of us will ever know in a lifetime?

I doubt that I could.  But, Emma Gonzalez can - and did and does.  As have hundreds of children from Parkland and cities across this country.  They shouldn't have to.  They shouldn't need to.  But, they are.

Here is a link to one of Emma's most recent speeches:  Emma Gonzalez's Powerful March for our Lives full 

Did you even bother to watch the entire thing?  Were you itching to get up?  Go do something else during her long, painful minutes of silence?  I bet you were.  So was I.

So, now.... Let's get up.  Let's work together to do something.  Something worthy of all the lives lost.  Something worthy of Emma and her classmates.  Let's make this world a better place for all our children. - c

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