Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - Pillow cases...again...for REALZ!!!

Some dear young peeps of mine are embarking on a lovely life together and found a sweet house, that reminds me a great deal of the one (both built in 1900!!) Brent and I started our crazy journey together in!!!  I thought it might be fun to offer up some pillow cases (or robes....though I would strongly recommend the pillow cases!!! HA!) as a house warming gift.  The idea was met with enthusiasm and I was sent a pic of bedding to match and a request for two standard sized pillow cases and two covers for 18 inch square throw pillows!!  Sew exciting!!!!

The bedding to match is to the left.  And this is what I picked.
I can't tell you why the burgundy looks different
depending on the photo...but it really
does match the little flower in the print to the left!

The finished products!!!
Replete with envelope style closures on each!
Life has its own ideas at times so through a misunderstanding, the pillow cases were sent to the WRONG address!!!  Yes, my poor shy intended peep went to the WRONG address to seek sent cases, left notes, but to no avail.  Gone they are!!  Perhaps they are making someone happy and slightly guilty all at the same time!!  At any rate, we begin again...

Back to the matching board!
Here's the fabric selection for this go round as the other was no longer available at my JoAnn's.  I think I might like it better!
2 standard sized cases.  2 to fit the throw pillows (fingers crossed)!!  All with their envelope finished ends!
There they be!  Practice makes perfect, no???
I have been informed that the last set arrived at the proper place and worked out well!!!  YAY!!!  Congrats you two!!  May you share many laughs, lovely moments, and brilliant bedding in your new home!!!  Much love, cess

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