Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Super psyched about some slooooow fashion and Tessuti's Annie Dress

I've been working on this project for a while, and I am so excited to finally be able to tell the story!!! I loved making the Tessuti Demi Pant but, the Annie Dress was the first Tessuti pattern that caught my eye...made as a top.  I just loved the front yoke and neckline.  So many bo-ho tops and dresses have such pretty embroidery work... this one in Sundance
Annie Dress

...and this one from a shop in Atlanta....

It got my chaotic little brain thinking, "I can do that!!! It will be perfect on the Annie Dress!!!"  And really, with that inspo, how hard can making your own cross stitch pattern be????  Well ~ it can drive you to drink!!!!

Maybe it will look alright????

Hmmm.....figuring out how to finish up this hot mess!!!!

Okay!!!  There she is!!  Gotta say...I'm pretty pleased with the end result!!!  But I'm super psyched 'cause this gonna be a special surprise for a special someone!!!  NOW!  Just gotta make the dress!!!
Here we has become a top....that's going to be lined!  Decisions made after a closer inspection of the quantity and "clarity" of my fabric!!!

I think it's cute!!!

The pattern goes together very well.  I made and used "valiene" shields as directed to keep the arm holes from stretching...or at least I used what I thought was an equivalent substitute from JoAnn's.  However, it was pretty stiff and unwieldy though it did achieve its purpose.  Not sure it was necessary as I have a walking foot that tends to help keep things from stretching out or slipping about.  But, I've vowed to try new techniques when I have the I did!

Worked out the needed lining though the pattern doesn't call for one.

No. Ugly. Insides.

Though this is not for me, I wanted to make sure it would fit a human person well!
I am pretty tickled with how this turned out!!!  Hopefully, it will be a fun sunny top for Ruthie!!! Happy Birthday!!!! - love, les


  1. Love this!!!! How adorable.

  2. You are the sweetest! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! And must have taken so much time. I love it and YOU! :)