Thursday, August 10, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - Rock Scramble in the Shenandoah National Park

I mentioned to B that a little get-away would be fun....and with that - we were off to Shenandoah National Park.  Just a bit of a drive up to Knoxville, north on 81, on up to Virginia and the Skyline Drive.  We stayed at Big Meadow Lodge...which was indeed....across from....

...a BIG meadow!!!  Justice to its openness and beauty is not achieved in this shot, but I wanted to try to give you an idea.  Formed a zillion years ago when great lava flats were created in huge layers over time, it is nothing short of amazing!

The Lodge (as is true of many in our national and state parks) was itself a bit of travel back in time, with no shower (we did have a tub), minimal WiFi, no air conditioning, phone, or tv.  The last two of which were perfectly fine.  No air conditioning was okay, but with one of the windows missing its screen, one little donkey enjoyed his fan....though later in the trip with dips into the 50's at night...we were thankful the radiators were turned on and actually worked for a few hours.  As Agatha's French ladies would say, "Le Camping!!!!"

However, none of the accommodation issues really mattered to us!  THIS was our view!!!

B told me that per his reading before we headed out, there would be lots of wild flowers.  I was thinking, " the spring!!!"  But, there were!  NOW!  Sooooo many beautiful flowers!!!

Jewel weed.... all its variations grew in great bunches near any moist areas.

These made me think of Ruthie and were beautiful up close...
....and in great swaths in fields and along the roadways!
 So...after driving up and checking in...we headed out on a little hike before dinner....that somehow turned into a 3 mile bizness with lots of steep ups and downs!!!

But, we were rewarded with this!

We quickly learned that in Shenandoah...there are ever so many spectacular vistas!

We also learned that trail markers consist of these concrete pillars, with metal bands embossed with the name of the trail and an arrow pointing the way.


Despite having to exert more effort than anticipated at the end of a pretty long day, there was much to see - with beauty in things large and small!

Next was adventure time!!  We were off for our first main hike on Bearfence Mountain Trail with an option to choose a path with or without a rock scramble.  I'm sure you'll never be able to guess the path I took!  ROCK SCRAMBLE!!!  There's my path!  See the blue marks????

Yep.  This is my trail!

And this....

And then, there was this!!!

So.  Absolutely.  Awesome.

Still on my trail!!!

Then back down to a lovely walk in the woods.

While there are many things I love to see along the trail...bugs and flowers, vistas, birds, bear, and deer (more on those soon)....and many things I like after a day on the trail...a bath, a glass of wine...there is NOTHING better than seeing my best bud, patiently waiting for me...after my MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!!!
Thanks for sharing another chaotic adventure with me, Bentie!!!  More Shenandoah to come! - les

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