Monday, March 14, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Plaid skirt with lining

Using my trusty McCall's 3341...
...I finished up the last of my cooler weather projects.  The material is a lovely, fairly loosely woven wool blend that B found at Jo Ann's.  He is quite the helper when fabric shopping. Excellent at carrying things.  Fabulous at matching.  And....very willing to wait in line to have things cut according to my directives (or so I thought!!!) while I finish shopping.

My helper last year!!!!
However, when I got around to this piece of material, I found I had DOUBLE the yardage needed for my skirt.  When confronted with this inexplicable situation, he replied, "Well, I wanted you to have plenty!!!!"  Indeed!  Soooo....I made two.  Rosie was the recipient of one...and I the other!!!  Given the weave and niceness of the fabric, I decided to try my hand at a lining, even though the pattern didn't include one.  I used tips from Handmade by Carolyn here:  Adding lining to a skirt, some tips

Rosie's was the practice one....and turned out well.  But, I did get better on the second one.  (Sorry, Roo!!!)  The walking foot proved wonderful (again) for stitching a loose fabric perfectly and allowing easy matching of the plaid at the seams.  I finished all the seams with the serger.

I like how it turned out and the colors within the plaid will go with many tops I already have.  Just look how excited I am to get off to work at 0645!!!!  Sew chaotically! - c


  1. Perfect matching, perfect lining, and you look beautiful! Brent cracks me up!

  2. Thanks, Ruthie. Brent is one crazy dude, fo sho!