Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - The beauty of a simple wrap skirt!

This pattern is ancient.  But, the darts to front and back make it fit much nicer than it appears it would.  The material is a cotton from Hancocks that I got last year that is soft but substantial, with a little slub and faint pin stripe.  I know, I know!  It's ANOTHER grey skirt!  But look what it can do!

My favorite blues...
Classic with a twist in the fabric of the blouse...
You know I LOVE me some stripes.  Especially with a fav scarf Roo got me on her visit to Kew Gardens, London.
Pink and ruffles....done right....are always good!!!
I had fun with this one.  Perhaps I missed my calling as a window dresser or stylist.  Or perhaps I like playing with a life size Dawn Doll!!!  Anyhow....I do like these outfits.  They meet my own challenge of choosing to make things that I really like to wear, rather than choosing items based on whether or not I think they would be easy to make.  Although this one WAS super easy....AND....I made NONE of these tops....AND....that is OK with me!!!! Have fun and sew chaotically!!! - c

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