Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warm wishes for my friend...

We are all doing well here. The kids are excited about going off to school and Brent and I are pondering what we will do all by our lonesome...we do have a few ideas!!! Hope your summers are winding down in the best possible way.

I do ask that you send the warmest thoughts and best wishes to a dear friend and coworker and her family. Her 22 year old daughter had a lovely baby about a week ago. However, on Friday the new mom was stricken with seizures and has been in the hospital in intensive care (now here in Chattanooga) ever since. The Peds Care family is pitching in in such an amazing way, as they always do, but help me hold her hand today.

love- c

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  1. She is surely in my thoughts as well as my family's. We are sending her the best possible wishes!