Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy week...

Hope your week was a good one. Spent some time at the hospital with my friend each day. Her daughter remains in intensive care and my heart just aches for them all.

We have Fred about ready to head out. Stayed home today to help him put things together. Later, Brent and I went shopping for a microwave (ours has been dead for a while) and a dryer. Yes, I think it is finally toast. Or at least, clothing that is put in it go through the "singe" cycle....heat that will render the most sturdy of fabrics forever changed into small wrinkled balls. So, after much examination (thanks to Brent's Internet research and shopping at various stores) we settled on both items from Sears, with the dryer to be delivered Monday and happily brought the microwave to its new home ourselves. But, functioning appliances are not in my destiny. Despite a perfectly intact box, the microwave had clearly been slammed against a cement wall or sat upon by a 400 pound gorilla...or...well, you get the picture. So, I guess it's back to Sears in the morning.

Rosie made special pizza for supper in honor of her brother. Then, we watched Mulan for old time's sake together. "Can't believe my baby is all grown up and saving China!!!"

Will be taking Fred up to Knoxville on Sunday. Can't believe my other baby is all grown up and off to his junior year...and can pick me up and sit me outside of his room when I try to get him to go through one more pile of junk in his closet.

Hope you have a great weekend. Love - c


  1. I am thinking about moving in.With Rose and Fred gone i am worried it will to quite for you and Brent. If nothing else it could prove to be a great diet plan!!!

  2. Hey!! We made pizza!!! Love you.

  3. I am not falling for that..what was on that pizza????

  4. Hope your last few days of summer with Rosie are fantastic!
    I can't believe the microwave... :/ !

  5. The "pizza" was actually 2 pizzas. One was thin with cheese and pepperoni. The other was deep dish with sausage, onion and olives!! So there!! See, you missed that they were for Fred-o; a real meat eating kind of guy!!! :>)
    The pepperoni and sausage were turkey though!! (We didn't tell Fred!)